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To keep our customers up to date with the exciting developments at EpiValence we will be posting news articles on this page and so bookmark it and come back again for the latest news.  We will be covering all aspects related to new products and new services as well as highlighting the conferences and trade … Continued

UHP TMGa now available through EpiValence from Umicore’s new plant

Umicore’s brand new high volume manufacturing plant for TMGa has now been commissioned and is producing in Hanau, Germany. This new facility now provides customers with a long term sustainable supplier for ultra high purity TMGa demands. EpiValence’s agreement with Umicore means that there is flexibility in supply options of this product to meet individual user … Continued

TCO2017 – Special INFINITY / INREP session

Interested in TCO’s? Find out all about the latest progress from the INFINITY project at a special session at TCO2017 in Leipzig in September. Dr Simon Rushworth will be speaking on Friday 22nd to introduce the project and present the latest EpiValence Limited results on active ingredient stabilisation in precursor solutions for printing applications. Other … Continued

ALD in the Ukraine

International Training School on Atomic Layer Deposition: “Method and Applications”, ALD-UKRAINE 2017  30th May to 1st June   At this training workshop, top class experts from top research laboratories around the world will share their knowledge and experience in ALD, reviewing the current trends for R&D organizations.  EpiValence Technical Manager Dr Simon Rushworth will be … Continued

Picosun and EpiValence announce deeper collaboration

Picosun Oy, leading supplier of state-of-the-art industrial ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) solutions announces the launch of a delivery service for ALD precursor chemicals in cooperation with EpiValence Ltd, manufacturer of high quality specialty chemicals for the electronics industries, The use of ALD continues to expand not only in semiconductor manufacturing but in other fields of … Continued

EpiValence is participating in the new ENHANCE training network

ENHANCE  (Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters for Self-Powered Automotive Sensors: from Advanced Lead-Free Materials to Smart Systems)   EpiValence is proud to be part of a new European project aimed at new advanced materials integration into automotive applications to improve performance and sustainability.  This exciting new International Training Network starts in May 2017 and runs for 4 … Continued

Semicon West 2017 and ALD/ALE 2017 and EuroCVD/BALD 2017

Members of the EpiValence team will be at various conferences/trade shows during the coming months and so please take advantage of the opportunity to come along and discuss our latest offerings. Chemistry and containers are hot topics to ensure your precursor can be delivered efficiently. With a “whole of life” service to treat your used … Continued

EpiValence voted as a top 10 supplier

EpiValence were voted to be a top 10 Manufacturing Supplier of 2016 in a poll of NMI manufacturing sites. Each year NMI ask their manufacturing sites to rate their suppliers on the following areas: Customer Responsiveness Quality of Products Criticality of Product to Business Continuous Improvement Activities to Improve Products or Services EpiValence is proud to be … Continued

INFINITY project progress published

The INFINITY project has been running for two years and the first publications of progress achieved are beginning to be published in scientific journals to highlight the excellent collaboration and research work performed to date.  EpiValence has focussed on the investigation of novel precursor solutions to enable low temperature processing however issues with air sensitivity … Continued

Silicon Semiconductor Magazine article published

An article explaining EpiValence’s R&D strategy has recently been released in the latest Silicon Semiconductor magazine issue. Highlighting the steps followed in the development cycle, the involvement of partners is noted to ensure each of the characterisation data collection activities can be achieved robustly.  In addition the requirement for reliable process development and introduction to … Continued

EpiValence and Umicore join forces

EpiValence Ltd are proud to announce that we are now working with Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry, as the distributor of their High Purity Metal Organic Compounds (i.e. Trimethyl gallium) within Europe. The agreement is immediately effective and offers European customers a new European based supply option for their Metal Organic requirements. Umicore’s manufacturing facility in Hanau, Germany and EpiValence’s transfilling … Continued

Semicon Europa 2016

Following the success of the last Semicon Europa show in Dresden 2015 EpiValence will be exhibiting again at this years event in Grenoble on 25-27th October. Members of the EpiValence team will be there to meet partners and customers throughout the show and so please take advantage of the opportunity to come along and discuss our … Continued

TCM 2016 – EpiValence scientific presentation of INFINITY project results

Transparent Conducting Materials Conference This years TCM2016 conference focuses on advances in the field of transparent conducting materials and so is an ideal place to present our most recent work in the area of novel materials and processing for TCO’s on flexible substrates.  EpiValence have two abstracts to present from activities performed as part of … Continued

Thin Film Deposition Project with Tyndall National Institute

EpiValence is pleased to announce its support for a new PI award from SFI to Prof Martyn Pemble on the topic of deposition process development for manufacturing of advanced functionality thin films.  Martyn and his team will use state of the art equipment to investigate a variety of layer fabrication technologies and demonstrate commercially viable … Continued

Thermoelectric micro-generators project with Southampton University

EpiValence is proud to support a new EPSRC project with the University of Southampton on the topic of Thermoelectric micro-generators.  These solid state devices can provide constant sources of electricity with minimal maintenance. Selective Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) offers a mechanism to control the fabrication of these compounds to take advantage of this potential and … Continued

EpiValence student conference presentation

After only six months the EpiValence sponsored PhD student at Liverpool University (Josh Turner) has made significant strides in the area of metal oxide thin film and pattern printing using a novel chemistry system.  Based on alkoxide and oxo clusters of Titanium a suitable ink formulation has been prepared and employed to create state of … Continued

EMRS 2016

Symposium on Transparent Conducting Oxides This years EMRS fall meeting in Warsaw features many symposia and I am proud to be co-organiser of symposium M.  Originally designed as a dissemination event for our H2020 project INFINITY the idea has spiralled into a full blown symposium and so would be great for folks to submit their … Continued

Semicon West 2016 and ALD 2016

Members of the EpiValence team will be at various conferences/trade shows during the coming months and so please take advantage of the opportunity to come along and discuss our latest offerings. Chemistry and containers are hot topics to ensure your precursor can be delivered efficiently and with a whole of life service to treat your … Continued

HERALD WP2 Meeting May 2016

This COST action held a workshop on precursors for Atomic Layer Deposition in Helsinki and Dr Simon Rushworth from EpiValence was invited to speak about issues related to chemical design and manufacture.  His talk highlighted the role of a precursor supplier in the development process noting the requirement for collaboration along the supply chain to … Continued

EpiValence Introduction

Welcome to EpiValence, a specialty chemical manufacturer supplying premium products to the Electronics industry and beyond. This video is a short introduction to the company and its development process to deliver state-of-the-art precursors to meet customer needs now and in the future. To watch the video click here  Introduction Video For further information contact us … Continued