Chemical Information

Synonyms: Tin(IV) dichloride bis-acetylacetonate

Chemical Formula: SnCl2(C5H7O2)2

Description: Sand-coloured crystalline powder

Trace Elements:

Al < 50 ppm
Ca < 5 ppm
Fe < 10 ppm
Na < 800 ppm
Ti < 20 ppm
Zn < 50 ppm

Assay (Oxide): >99%

Insoluble in Dry THF: < 100 ppm

Additional Information

CAS No.: 16919-46-3

B.P.: Decomposes below boiling point at ambient pressure

M.P.: 199°C

V.P.: 0.1mm at 110°C

Solubility in water: Reacts with water

Solubility in organics: Hydrocarbons, reacts with alcohols and ketones


Catalysis & Synthesis