Chemical Information

Synonyms: Tetraisopropyl orthogermanate

Chemical Formula: Ge(OC3H7)4

Description: Clear colourless liquid, moisture sensitive

Trace Elements:

Al < 10 ppm
As < 100 ppm
Bi < 10 ppm
Fe < 2 ppm
K < 10 ppm
Na < 10 ppm
Pb <10ppm
Sb < 50 ppm
Si <100ppm
Sn <10ppm
Zn <10ppm

Assay (Oxide): >99.8%

Trace Impurities (Wet Test): Cl < 500 ppm

Further Information: Flash point: 68u00baC

Additional Information

CAS No.: 21154-48-3

B.P.: Decomposes before boiling point

M.P.: Below 0°C

V.P.: 7mm at 89°C

Solubility in water: Reacts exothermally

Solubility in organics: Soluble in hydrocarbons and isopropanol. Reacts with other alcohols, ketones and esters


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