Chemical Information

Synonyms: Tetraethyl orthotitanate

Chemical Formula: Ti(OC2H5)4

Description: Colourless liquid when freshly distilled, moisture sensitive. The liquid converts to a crystalline mass by hindered oligomerisation over a period of weeks. The melting point is 54 degrees but several hours are required for complete melting due to hindered

Trace Elements:

Al < 10 ppm
Ca < 1 ppm
Fe < 1 ppm
K < 5 ppm
Na < 5 ppm
Sn < 5 ppm
Zn < 5 ppm
Zr < 20 ppm

Oxide Gravimetric: min 99.8 %

Insolubles In Dry Ethanol: < 0.003%

Trace Elements (Wet Test): Cl < 30 ppm

Additional Information

CAS No.: 3087-36-3

M.P.: 54 deg C

V.P.: 0.1mm at 120 deg C

Solubility in water: Reacts exothermally

Solubility in organics: Soluble in hydrocarbons and ethanol. Reacts with other alcohols, ketones, esters and carboxylic acids


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