Picosun and EpiValence announce deeper collaboration

Picosun Oy, leading supplier of state-of-the-art industrial ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) solutions announces the launch of a delivery service for ALD precursor chemicals in cooperation with EpiValence Ltd, manufacturer of high quality specialty chemicals for the electronics industries,

The use of ALD continues to expand not only in semiconductor manufacturing but in other fields of industry as well.  As new processes are ramped up for large scale production an efficient supply chain for ALD-specific chemicals is vital and the new Picosun delivery service adds to their comprehensive portfolio of flexible, high-quality and cost-effective serivces with its industrial partners..

ALD precursor compounds need to meet very special and demanding requirements, especially in electronics manufacturing where ultra-high purity is essential.  Finding a reliable precursor supplier can be challenging and so this new partnership will ensure ease of access to high quality sources to maximise the potential of the PICOSUNTM ALD tool and the specific customer process. The services include chemicals, and filling and shipping of the precursor containers to the customer site where they can be directly connected to the ALD tool.  Cleaning and refilling service for used containers is also available.Picture1

“We at Picosun want to ensure first class customer experience be delivering all-inclusive ALD solutions, combining the equipment and processes with a full-scale service portfolio and centralized supply of all required accessories and consumables.  Precursor chemicals are an integral part of this supply chain.  We are very happy to deepen our collaboration with EpiValence, who is well known for its top quality products targeted specifically for the microelectronics sector.  Together we can deliver everything our customers need to run successful ALD production,” states Dr Erik Ostreng, Applications and Services Director of Picosun.

“EpiValence is driven by offering our customers the highest quality products and an unrivalled service level. Picosun shares these values, which makes them the ideal partner for us.  Together we can ensure uninterrupted supply and secure delivery of both ALD chemicals and tools to a worldwide clientele.  We are delighted to join forces with Picosun to enable customers a complete and united supply chain for ALD technology,” continues Chris Richards, Commercial Director of EpiValence.

For further details on the two companies visit these websites www.picosun.com and www.epivalence.com

Full press release can be found HERE

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