Targeting new advanced functionalised silica nanomaterials integration into coating formulations the PRISTINE project aims to develop a permanent, lower surface energy coating that will be more effective at resisting graffiti application and easier to clean with superior lifetime performance.  PRISTINE brings together UK experts from all aspects of the fabrication and development supply chain to provide a pipeline to deliver and test a super repellent coating in a real life environment. EpiValence is tasked with providing expertise in the synthesis and scale up of the nanoparticles and their functionalisation and inclusion in coating matrices. The inclusion of hydrophobic and oleophobic properties in the same coating will ensure total protection.  Initially the target application is across the rail network to protect train engines and rolling stock but this technology platform will then be rolled out across other areas where graffiti issues are prevalent.  The “Super durable paint-repellent coating for long life anti-graffiti protection” Project (PRISTINE) has received funding from Innovate UK Smart grants programme (Feb2019) – project number 34741