Once a Vessel has been used it requires treatment to safely remove chemical residues and thorough repreparation to enable its return to service. EpiValence can offer a full range of clean out processes to remove contaminatants and ensure new product quality is not compromised when placed in the vessel for reuse. Providing a complete vessel lifecycle offers a sustainable process saving both physical and financial resources.

EpiValence is partnered with a long established and trusted manufacturer, who are a World Leader in the supply of bubblers to the semiconductor industry for ALD and MOCVD applications, and can provide customers with certification that recycled vessels meet the same high standards as new ones.

downloadThe cost of a new vessel is high due to the stringent integrity requirements demanded by the semiconductor industry. In addition the safetly hazard of stockpiling containers with residual chemicals in needs addressing. At its state of the art facilities EpiValence can solve both issues by safely removing chemicals and cleaning the emptied vessels to the highest standards to enable reuse thus recovering value from the supply chain.





EpiValence offers different levels of treatment to suit customer requirements. These range from a complete chemical removal using wet chemistry techniques followed by a full preparation process and interior passivation with a ultra-high vacuum integrity check to a simple product refill with minimal handling.