EpiValence is proud to partner a premier producer of high purity ultra-dry metal halides, to offer a wide range of products for use in a multitude of application areas. These high purity materials can be supplied in a variety of forms suited to vapour deposition processes as well as solid and solution based processes. With grades between 99% and 99.999% available, all customer requirements can be addressed and the proprietary capabilities to produce free flowing beads and powders facilitates handling and dispensing protocols. This strategic alliance extends EpiValence’s portfolio and highlights its position as a leading specialty chemical supplier.

The full range of solid metal halides includes volatile molecules needed for CVD/ALD applications along with Rare Earth materials for lighting applications and Alkali metal halides for scintillation applications. Examples of the materials useful for the first of these areas are listed below whilst the later has its own Scintillator page Here

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MaterialFormulaCAS NumberMWAppearanceMelting PtBoiling Pt
Aluminum BromideAlBr37727-15-3266.7White97.8 °C652 °C
Aluminum ChlorideAlCl37446-70-0133.34White192.4 °Csublimes at 177.8 °C
Aluminum IodideAlI37784-23-8407.7White189.4 °C360 °C
Antimony IodideSbI37790-44-5502.46Dark red/violet171 °C401 °C
Arsenic IodideAsI37784-45-4455.64Burnt orange146 °C403 °C
Bismuth BromideBiBr37787-58-8448.71Yellow219 °C462 °C
Bismuth IodideBiI37787-64-6589.69Black408.6 °C542 °C
Cadmium BromideCdBr27789-42-6272.22White570 °C844 °C
Cadmium ChlorideCdCl210108-64-2183.32White564 °C967 °C
Cadmium IodideCdI27790-80-9366.219White388 °C742 °C
Cobalt IodideCoI215238-00-3312.74Black515 °C570 °C
Gallium IodideGaI313450-91-4450.43Yellow212 °C345 °C
Gallium BromideGaBr313450-88-9309.45White122.5 °C279 °C
Gallium ChlorideGaCl313450-90-3176.082White78 °C201 °C
Gallium IodideGaI313450-91-4450.43Yellow212 °C345 °C
Germanium ChlorideGeCl410038-98-9214.4White49.5 °C86.5 °C
Hafnium ChlorideHfCl413499-05-3320.302White432 °Csublimes at 317 °C
Hafnium BromideHfBr413777-22-5498.1White424.5 °Csublimes at 322 °C
Hafnium IodideHfI413777-23-6686.11Yellow / orange449 °Csublimes at 393 °C
Indium(I) BromideInBr14280-53-6194.73Orange / red285 °C656 °C
Indium(I) ChlorideInCl13465-10-6150.27Yellow225 °C608 °C
Indium(I) IodideInI13966-94-4241.72Violet359 °C726 °C
Indium(III) ChlorideInCl310025-82-8221.18White586 °C800 °C
Indium(III) IodideInI313510-35-5495.53Yellow / orange207 °C500 °C
Lead BromidePbBr210031-22-8367.008White373 °C916 °C
Lead IodidePbI210101-63-0461Orange rust402 °C872 °C
Manganese ChlorideMnCl27773-01-5125.844Pink654 °C1225 °C
Manganese IodideMnI27790-33-2308.74Pale violet701 °C1033 °C
Silicon IodideSiI413465-84-4535.7White120.5 °C287.5 °C
Tin(II) BromideSnBr210031-24-0278.51White216 °C639 °C
Tin(II) ChlorideSnCl27772-99-8189.596White246 °Cdecomposes at 632 °C
Tin(II) IodideSnI210294-70-9372.5Magenta320 °C720 °C
Tin(IV) BromideSnBr47789-67-5438.33White31 °C205 °C
Tin(IV) IodideSnI47790-47-8626.31Orange145 °C348.5 °C
Titanium BromideTiBr47789-68-6367.54Orange yellow39 °C234 °C
Titanium IodideTiI47720-83-4555.52Red brown150 °C377 °C
Zinc BromideZnBr27699-45-8225.188White394 °C650 °C
Zinc ChlorideZnCl27646-85-7136.295White292 °C756 °C
Zirconium BromideZrBr413777-25-8410.86White450 °Csublimes at 360 °C
Zirconium ChlorideZrCl410026-11-6233.03White437 °Csublimes at 331 °C