Via its strategic partnership with a premier producer of high purity ultra-dry metal halides, EpiValence is proud to offer a range of materials for use in scintillator application areas. In particular these materials find use in highly sensitive detector systems where doping control is essential to obtain maximum performance.

The most widely used scintillation materials are mixtures of metal halides such as thallium doped sodium iodide and sodium doped cesium iodide. In recent times europium doped strontium iodide have risen in popularity and in all cases 99.99 – 99.999% purity can be achieved with ultra-low water (<10ppm) and oxygen (<30ppm) contents. High purity individual components can be supplied or custom mixed homogeneous beads fabricated to meet client demands.

Product Portfolio

MaterialFormulaCAS NumberMWAppearanceMelting PtBoiling Pt
Cerium BromideCeBr314457-87-5379.8White722 °C1457 °C
Cesium IodideCsI7789-17-5259.8White621 °C1280 °C
Europium IodideEuI222015-35-6405.8Pale yellow580 °C1580 °C
Lanthanum BromideLaBr313536-79-3378.6White783 °C1577 °C
Sodium IodideNaI7784-45-458.4White662 °C1304 °C
Strontium IodideSrI210476-86-5341.4White538 °C1773 °C
Thallium IodideTlI7790-30-9331.3Yellow442 °C823 °C