Chemical Information

Chemical Formula: FexOy(OC2H5)z(C2H5OH

Description: Brown-red mobile liquid, moisture sensitive 

Further Information: Flash point : 13°0C The product is not Fe(OC2H5)3 which is an insoluble polymer. It is a eutectic mixture of three cluster structures Fe5O2(OC2H5)11(C2H5OH)3/2 Fe9O3(OC2H5)21(C2H5OH) Fe10O4(OC2H5)22(C2H5OH)3 For a technical summary refer to Turova et al The Chemistry of Metal Alkoxides 2002, 486 and references therein especially Rogova et al, Sov J Coord Chem 1985 11 366 and Veith et al, Eur J Inorg Chem 2001 367

Additional Information

CAS No.: 326806-28-4

B.P.: 78°C

M.P.: Below 0°C

Solubility in water: Reacts exothermally

Solubility in organics: Soluble in hydrocarbons, reacts ketones & esters


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