As part of an ongoing commitment to continuously refine and improve all of its manufacturing processes and product range offerings, EpiValence has an active research department working with world leading groups around the world to further materials development.

A continued focus on collaborative research to maintain a leading global position is a key part of EpiValence’s development strategy and with a multitude of collaborative projects underway this objective continues to be met. EpiValence stays ahead of the field by building close relationships that enable us to share problems and work together to resolve them.

A proven ability to design and manufacture novel materials for future generations of devices.

As an example of international project partnership EpiValence is proud to be part of the INFINITY project (Click Here for details)

In addition EpiValance has active collaborations with the University of Liverpool (Click Here for details)(Or Click Here for details), the University of Southampton (Click Here for details) and Tyndall National Institute (Click Here for details)

To discuss any ideas for new collaborations email our Technical Lead  Dr Simon Rushworth