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EpiValence is a leader in
select niche chemicals.

We supply sustainably superior value products to customers based on unique technology, backed by analysis and knowledgeable service.

Products & Services

Our innovative products, solutions and services will meet the needs of our customers today and in the future.

Working in collaboration to develop niche chemicals and innovative materials, we also invest in research and development for key materials of interest to the electronics and the emerging flexible electronics market.

Our Products & Services -
Our Products & Services -
Our Products & Services -
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Our Products & Services -
Our Products & Services -
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The Future

EpiValence continues to be recognized by our customers as the leading supplier of niche chemicals.

This means executing all processes flawlessly, effectively, and efficiently while bringing more value to our customers. EpiValence strives to bring more resources closer to our customers to help make companies such as yours more successful.

The continuing success of EpiValence is founded on three principles:

An uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of product quality, purity, and consistency; the establishment and maintenance of genuinely interactive relationships with customers; and a leading-edge, proactive approach to the rapidly evolving electronics market worldwide.

Niche Chemicals &
Innovative Materials

Niche Chemicals & Innovative Materials

  • UKAS accredited ISO9001:2015
  • Proven product range
  • Range of analytical capabilities
  • Proprietary synthesis and purification processes
  • State of the art laboratories and equipment
  • Dedicated process-specific equipment
  • Local stocking and dedicated inventory
  • JIT delivery service
  • Extensive R&D department
  • New source development
  • Individual customer collaborations


  • State of the art preparation and handling systems


  • Local contacts forming a global sales network
  • Expert shipping knowledge
  • Material properties and compatibility data
  • Process development advice
  • Customer visits to solve specific issues
  • Dedicated trials tailored to customer specifications
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